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What's New in V3.0





QSDA V3 is based on V2 and contains all features and fixes in V2.


Upgrade Considerations


If you are upgrading from QSDA Pro V2, you should make a backup copy of your QSDA data folder at C:\ProgramData\EasyQlik\QSDA. If you decide to downgrade from QSDA V3 to V2, you must restore this folder for V2. QSDA Pro V3 makes incompatible changes to the data files.

QSDA now uses .Net8 Runtime libraries. See System Requirements.

Analysis and Configuration from V2 will be brought forward to V3 and will be available in V3. Enterprise license customers will need to complete the steps in Configuring Enterprise Security to enable access to Analyze pages.

After upgrading to V3, you may delete the qsdalogin-v2.0.html file uploaded to the Qlik Server content library, if you completed the Qlik Login Connection setup step in V2.


New and Changed Features


QLIKLOGIN connections require a login extension to be installed on the target Qlik server. In the Connections dialog for QLIKLOGIN types, a button to install the extension will be provided.




V3 requires QSDA Enterprise License customers to login (authenticate) to QSDA.

With an Enterprise license active, you must configure Enterprise Security. QSDA security supports authenticating using native Windows security, Qlik servers, or both.

You may Add, Delete and manage user permissions in the new Admin > Manage Users page.

If you configure QLIKLOGIN or CERTIFICATE connections "For Login", you must install the Login Extension to that server using the button provided. If you configure a QCS connection For Login you must provide a properly configured Web Integration ID.

Improvements in UI performance.

Fix for stalled Analysis progress bar.

Additional hyperlinks into Qlik App from Flag detail dialog.

Change multi section pages to use Tabs instead of Accordion sections. This will make QSDA easier to use on small screens.

Improved usability of Connection dialog by hiding advanced parameters by default.

Qlik Engine Service and Qlik Repository Services hosts and ports may be customized in connection configuration.

When a QSDA configuration change is made that requires a restart, an indicator will be displayed in the menu bar.


Additional information added to the Admin > Service Status page.

HTTPS Certificates troubleshooting page to facilitate HTTPS implementation.

Use of a specific HTTPS certificate may be forced in Service Parameters.





QSDA Pro version 3.1.2