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QCS - Qlik Cloud Connection





QCS connection is used to analyze apps hosted in a Qlik Cloud (SaaS) instance.


An API Key is always required. If For Login is checked, Web Integration ID is required.




API Key Use your Qlik Cloud Management Console to generate the API key. Paste the generated key in the ApiKey input box.


Web Integration ID Integration ID is required when For Login is checked. Use your Qlik Cloud Management Console to create the Web Integration Paste the generated ID in the ApiKey input box. When creating the Web Integration, Be sure to include as Origins all variations of your QSDA server url, including port and http/https. For example:






If a QSDA user attempts login using an Origin not in the list, the user will receive this error message:


{"errors":[{"title":"returnto not included in web integration whitelist","code":"LOGIN-10","status":"401"}],"traceId":"55555555555"}


If For Login is checked, users must allow popups in their browser session.





QSDA Pro version 3.1.2