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Service Parameters









UI Port for the user interface service. The default of 5003 is fine in most cases.


API Port for the API service. There is no reason to change this unless the port conflicts with some other process on this machine.


Use HTTPS  If checked, QSDA will require a valid SSL certificate be installed in the machine running the QSDA services. The LocalMachine/Personal certificate store will be searched for a certificate matching the hostname used in the browser URL.  If no certificate is found, QSDA will attempt to locate a certificate matching "localhost".  The "Use HTTPS" option is only available with a valid QSDA Pro Enterprise license.


HTTPS Certificate Thumbprint If automatic certificate selection (recommened) is not working, you may force a specific certificate by specifying it's thumbprint here. The thumbprint value may be copied from the certs page. Leave blank to use the automatic selection.


HtpClient Tiimeout The default value of 100 seconds is sufficient for most cases. If you receive "HttpClient Timeout exceeded" errors in QSDA, increasing this value may resolve the problem.


Max Concurrent Collections The number of collections that may be running at one time.  When the number of running collections reaches this value, any request for a new collection will be queued. The queued request will automatically start when a slot becomes available.


Max Queued Collections  The number of collections that may be queued waiting to execute. When the number of queued collections reaches this value, any request for a new collection will be rejected.


Idle Hours Limit or 0  If a value > 0 is specified, analyses idle for longer than this period will automatically be unloaded from memory. " This "Pruning" process runs only when a new collection is started or a collection is loaded. Idle" means no user interaction through the UI.





QSDA Pro version 3.1.2