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What's New in V2.5.1





Upgrade Notes


If you are upgrading from v2.5.0 or earlier, there is a small chance that your QSDA Control Panel > Configuration changes may be lost during this upgrade. If you have customized QSDA settings using Control Panel > Configuration, it is strongly recommended that you make a record of your changes and verify that changes persisted through the upgrade. You can record your current settings as screenshots from Control Panel > Configuration.


New and Changed Features


Control panel will automatically update to reflect the current status of services. If a service terminates, the "Stopped" status should be reflected in the control panel within 2 seconds.

New Configuration option "HttpClient Timeout". The default of 100 seconds should be adequate in most cases.  If you receive  "HttpClient Timeout exceeded" errors message from QSDA, increasing this value may resolve the problem.





Fix folder locations in "Only for me" installations. Some data may have been stored in C:\ProgramData\EasyQlik\QSDA, it should have been stored in C:\Users\userid\AppData\Local\EasyQlik\QSDA

Excessive RAM resource consumption when filtering leading to a QSDA crash.

Fix for analysis progress bar stall.

Filtering on flag column produces no results.








QSDA Pro version 2.6.8