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What's New in V2.5.0





New and Changed Features




"API Only" property on all connection types. If checked on, the connection will not appear in the connection dropdown on the Analyze page.



New Function


Automatic unload ("pruning") of idle in-memory analyses. See Service Parameters.

Extended syntax check for sets. QSDA uses the Qlik Sense syntax checker to validate expressions. An error from the Qlik syntax checker will raise a "Syntax Error" flag. Certain identifiers such as field names in set modifiers or bookmark set identifiers are not validated by the Qlik syntax checker.  QSDA now validates these identifiers and raises the "Unrecognized Name" flag if the identifier is not found in the data model.

For licensed users, a Stand alone Expression Decoder is available on the main menu. You may type or paste any Qlik expression in the decoder.



Improved UI performance.

New field "Filesize" added to App Details and export file appinfo.csv.

New Analysis Export file "linktable.csv" is a link table for the other files in the export.






Dimension page displays empty value for Def when drill-down dimension.

A Field used only in Master Dimension incorrectly flagged as unused.

Incorrect "Bookmark field not found" flag when "=" expression search used in bookmark.

Dimension field incorrectly identified as Variable when same name used as Field and Variable.

Chart Filter incorrectly flagged with "Expression Syntax Error".



API Changes


POST collectors: new optional property "requestSource" provided to identify the source of the collection request. You may use any value except the reserved values "UI", "gitoqlik" or "soterre".

POST collectors/id/load: Optional "replyEndpoint" for webhook callback when load and analysis completes.

POST collectors: collectorOptions.qlikEngineTimeout value of "0" means use configuration default.





QSDA Pro version 2.6.8