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What's New in V3.1.1





New and Changed Features


New Flag "Key Field used in Expression". The initial level for this flag is Warning.

A table with no fields in use other than keys would always raise the flag "All fields unused but keys".  The flag would not be raised if the key field was used as an Expression or Dimension field, as the field would be considered "in use".  The rule has been changed to raise the flag even the key field is used as a Dimension or Expression field. In this case the new "Key Field used in Expression" flag will be raised as well.

Admin > Collector List: New optional columns  Flag Count, Mem, Tables (count), Fields (count), Calc and Reload Mem.

New Script Generator to create script LOAD statements with commented unused fields.





Qlik Cloud (QCS) connection: Fix intermittent analysis error "App already open in different mode [1009]'.





QSDA Pro version 3.1.2