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QSDA Pro may be used without purchasing a license, with some restrictions. 

Application size is limited to 100 visualization objects.  Applications larger than this will not be analyzed.

Personal sheets and their associated objects will not be processed.

The QSDA web interface will only be available in local mode (localhost).


Purchasing a license will remove the restrictions.  Learn about license options and purchase securely on-line at


Installing your license


License keys are installed and managed in the Admin > License page.




To install your license, press the Add License Key button,  enter your license key in the input box and press the Active License button. An Internet connection is required to activate the key.




After successful activation, the menu bar will indicate that QSDA services must be restarted. Restart the QSDA Services using the QSDA Control Panel or the Windows Services application.










QSDA Pro version 3.1.2