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Starting and Stopping







The control panel may be used to stop, start and configure the QSDA Services.  To be able to start services, you must have started the control panel with Administrator privileges.


Status will be one of:

Running -- QSDA server was started by this Control Panel.

Found Running -- An existing QSDA server was found. It was not started by this Control Panel.

Stopped -- QSDA Server is not running.



User Interface will contain a link to the QSDA Server if Status is "Started".  If Status is "Stopped" or "Found Running" this field will be blank.


API contains a link to the QSDA API only when Status is "Started". This link is displayed for diagnostic purposes only, it has no regular use.


 when clicked will stop the QSDA server. Once Stopped, the button will change to .



 opens the QSDA Server Configuration panel. See the next section for details on this panel.










QSDA Pro version 3.1.2