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Getting Started





Use a browser to access




where hostname is the machine where QSDA is installled. If you have installed QSDA on your desktop, hostname is localhost.


If this is an initial install, you will need to do a one-time setup to identify your Qlik Sense server. You will see a brief error pop-up and then will be automatically redirected to the Manage Connections page in a few seconds.




Use the Connection Type dropdown to select from the available connection types. After completing required parameters for the connection, the Test Connection button will become enabled.






Click the Test Connection button.  In a few moments, you should receive results from the test.





When the test is successful, the Save button will become enabled. Click Save to save your connection settings.






Click Analyze on the main menu to return to the Analyze screen.  The list of available applications will refresh and you will be able to select an App to analyze. See the Analyze section to learn more about next steps.







QSDA Pro version 1.6.0