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QSDA Security & Privacy





Privacy Considerations


QSDA extracts and saves only metadata from your Qlik Sense Applications. Metadata includes items like Table names, Field names and Measure definitions. QSDA does not collect data values from your app.  No field or chart values are collected.



Authorization to QSDA


Authorization to use or administer QSDA may optionally be controlled by enabling the "QSDA Auth" option in configuration. This feature is only available to QSDA Enterprise subscribers.


Access to some Admin pages may optionally be protected by a fixed password set in configuration.


Qlik Sense Authorization Requirements


Application access is limited by the userid associated with the QSDA Connection definition.


Access to unpublished personal sheets for other users is limited to what is allowed by the Qlik Sense security rules.


You may wish to create a special userid for use only with QSDA. This is especially useful when using the CERTIFICATE connection type.



TCP Ports


If analyzing apps hosted in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows, QSDA must be able to access TCP ports on the Qlik Server.


All Connection Types




CERTIFICATE connection

4242 -- Qlik Sense Repository Service

4747 -- Qlik Sense Engine Service


QLIKLOGIN connection

4243 -- Qlik Sense Proxy Service









QSDA Pro version 2.1.0