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Parse Error





A problem was encountered parsing the expression. VizExpression: xxx: yyy Issue:


The QSDA expression parser encountered an error while trying to understand an expression.  This could have one of several causes:


The Qlik Syntax Checker passes the expression ("Expression OK") but the expression does indeed have invalid syntax.

Due to a shortcoming in the QSDA parser, the parser does not understand this syntax . In this case, open a support ticket if you have an active QSDA subscription. If you are using the free tier, use the Community site.

Some other error, such as a missing variable, causes the expression to have un-parsable syntax. In this case, fixing the other error may fix the Parse Error.

In normal application usage, this expression is only valid when certain selections are made. Use the bookmark analysis option to set up required selections run a new analysis.





QSDA Pro version 3.1.2