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App List Page





If you have multiple connections defined, you must select a connection to begin. If you have only one connection defined it will be automatically selected.



After selecting a connection, a list of applications available in the connection will be displayed. Selecting any app in the list will display detail in the right panel.








Use the Connection dropdown to select one of the currently defined Qlik Server connections. Connections are created in the Admin > Connections page.


If multiple connections are defined, select a connection to start the App List process. Your connection selection will be retained while you are using QSDA.


App List


The top section lists Applications from the currently selected server connection.  The bottom "Offline" section list Collections in your repository that are not associated with the current connection.



Light Blue badges  indicate the count of Collections that have been unloaded from memory but are available in the QSDA repository.

Blue badges  indicate a count of in-process collectors. That is, collecting properties or building an analysis.

Green badges  indicates Analysis in-memory and ready to be viewed.


Selected App Section

Detail for the currently selected app will be shown in right-hand section. In this section you can:

Click button followed by  button to start a Collection for the selected app.  Before clicking New Analysis, you may adjust these options:

          Analysis Options 

Description Brief text used to identify this analysis, such as "Baseline" or "After drop fields".

Collect Calctime Uncheck this option if you do not require chart calculation times during this run.  Turning off Collect Calctime can greatly speed up the collection process.

Include Disabled Properties Normally, disabled properties are not collected as they have no impact on the application. Check this option if you have a reason to collect disabled properties.

Qlik Timeout Maximum seconds to wait for completion of each Qlik operation, for example a chart calculation.

Bookmark  Select an App Bookmark to be applied before chart calculation. "--None--" if no bookmark should be applied.

After clicking button the  link will display. Click the link to show the Open Progress window. Learn more about Open Progress data in this topic.

Click the  button open the Summary page for the Analysis. The  button is disabled until the analysis reaches the Ready status and 100% Progress.

  Load a collection from the QSDA repository and prepare it for Viewing.

 Permanently delete a collection from memory and the repository. This action cannot be undone.

 Unload this analysis to free up memory. The analysis can be loaded again later using the Load button.







QSDA Pro version 3.1.2