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Flags Page





The Flags page list all Flags generated during the analysis. Controls are provided for expanding and collapsing the list, and tools to marks flags as resolved or hidden.


Note: Flags page contents are not affected by any column filters.


Each flag instance has three name properties:


Category -- e.g. "Resource".

   Level &  Label -- e.g.   "100% Nulll Field"

        Description -- e.g. "Table "CreditStatus" contains zero rows. It could likely be dropped from the data model with no loss of analysis.



The Description may include instance specific text such as a Field name.





Flag State


Flag states can be set to assist in filtering and acting on flag recommendations. You can assign one of three states to a flag:


Unresolved -- the initial state.

Resolved -- A flag you have corrected in the Qlik Sense application.

Hidden -- a flag you don't want to see, perhaps because you find it unimportant.


Set the state for a flag state using the buttons located to the right of the flag description.


 Mark as Resolved

 Mark as Hidden

 Unmark as Resolved

 Unmark as Hidden

Tooltips are provided on the buttons to remind you of their function.

A similar set of buttons  is provided at the Label level to set all child flags at once.

Flag states are persistent. They will survive page refreshes and restarts of the QSDA Server.


Unresolved flags are always shown in the grid. Resolved and Hidden flags will be shown if the respective   buttons are active. When Resolved or Hidden flags are shown in the grid a small indicator will appear to the left of the flag.




Flag Info


Press the  button next to a flag to show the Flag Detail panel. The Detail panel provides more information and context to help you resolve the flag.


Press the  button to close the detail panel.


Press the  button to filter to resources associated with this flag.











QSDA Pro version 3.1.2