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UI Security









UI Security options are only available a QSDA Pro Enterprise license is active.


QSDA Authentication Methods


Note: If both options are selected, users will be asked to select an option at login. If multiple Qlik login servers are configured in Admin > Connections user will also be able to select which Qlik server to use for login. If only the Windows is selected or a only a single Qlik login server is configured, users will be taken directly to login without being prompted to choose.


Windows Use Windows NTLM login to authenticate the QSDA User.


Qlik Use a Qlik Sense server -- QSE or Cloud -- to authenticate the QSDA User. This option requires at least one Connection be configured as a Login Server. If a QSE server is used for login, the qsda-login extension must be installed on the server.



Dynamic Users  If checked, users logging into QSDA for the first time will be added automatically, subject to the rules in Admin > Users & Security > UI Security Options.


Admin Password If a value is set, the value will be required to enter most Admin pages. To deactivate the Admin Password, clear the entry from the input box.







QSDA Pro version 3.1.2