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Installation Steps





Installation Steps.


1. Extract and Launch the installer exe.

2. If this is the first time installing QSDA, you will be presented with the "Select Setup Install Mode" dialog. If QSDA Pro was previously installed, this dialog will be skipped and the option used in the previous install will be used.  If you want to force this dialog, un-install QSDA first.


Choose between the two options using the guidelines below.

"Install for all users"

This option requires Administrator access. If you select this option and the current user is not an Administrator, you will be promoted to enter an Administrator userid and password.


You must use this option if you plan to share this QSDA instance with multiple users.


QSDA will be installed as Windows services and will be automatically started with Windows. This will provide the smoothest operation.

The installation process will create and start two QSDA Services.

          QSDA Pro API Service

QSDA Pro Web Service


QSDA will install to the following default directories:

          Program Files:  C:\Program Files\QSDA Pro

          Configuration and Repository: C:\ProgramData\EasyQlik\QSDA


"Install for me only"

Use this option if you cannot get Administrator access and plan to use QSDA as a single user Desktop application.

To use QSDA after install, you will manually start and stop the QSDA server processes using the "QSDA Control Panel" application.

QSDA will install to the following default directories:

          Program Files:  C:\Users\userid\AppData\Local\Programs\Qsda Pro

          Configuration and Repository: C:\Users\userid\AppData\Local\EasyQlik\QSDA


3. Accept the defaults on the remaining dialogs.


If not already installed, Net runtime will be automatically downloaded and installed as part of the QSDA install. If the machine does not have Internet access during install, you can download and install the packages manually from Microsoft prior to beginning the QSDA install.


Post Install

If you need to customize the Ports used by QSDA, use the Control Panel Configuration dialog.





QSDA Pro version 3.1.2