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QSDA Pro is a Code Analyzer and Profiler for Qlik Sense™ applications. QDSA can help you improve the quality and performance of your applications.



QSDA Server is installed on any machine running a supported Windows version. Using a web browser, Qlik Developers can analyze applications hosted on Qlik Sense for Windows, Qlik Cloud or QS Desktop. QSDA may also be accessed using a REST API.



QSDA Pro Terminology


A Collector  task is started to collect raw properties from a selected Qlik Sense application. This set of raw data is called a Collection.  The Collection is stored in the QSDA Repository. A Collection is processed by the QSDA analyzer to produce an Analysis. An Analysis is generated automatically when a new Collector is started or manually when an existing Collection is brought into memory by the Load button.


Collections and Analyses are represented by colored tiles on the App List page


 Collections in the QSDA repository not currently loaded .


 In-process Collectors. That is, collecting properties or generating an Analysis.

  Analysis in-memory and ready to be viewed.





QSDA Pro version 3.1.1