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0-row Table





"Table: xxx" contains zero rows. It could likely be dropped from the data model with no loss of analysis.


Investigate why this table contains no data. If it will never contain data, consider modifying the load script to remove the table from the data model.


Before removing the table, review and remove any use of table fields. Failure to do so could introduce syntax errors in the application.





If you decide to remove the table, you should first identify and modify any references to non-key fields in this table.


1. Filter to the table in question. for example using the table name or "Filter Using this Flag".


2. On the Fields page, "Filter to Selected" any non-key field that has a "Use Count" greater than zero.


3. Switch to other resource pages (Viz, Expressions, Variables, etc) that have a non-zero filtered count and examine how this field is used. Decide how you will deal with this field reference before removing the table. Should it be replaced by a different field? Remove the visualization? Or perhaps you will change your mind and keep the zero-row table for now.











QSDA Pro version 2.6.8