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Viz Deconstruction





The Viz Deconstruction dialog is used to break down chart calculation time by expression. This is useful information when tuning a long running chart.




On the Viz page, Click the  icon in the expansion section of a Viz to display the Viz Deconstruction dialog.


It a bookmark was used during the original collection, the same bookmark will be applied before each calculation.


Unchecking Bookmark or a Dimension will display a  button. Click the button to repeat the calculations using the new settings.


Calculation and timing of expressions is done using the current app. It is therefore possible that this dialog is using different data than when the app was originally collected.


For some visualizations such as Treemap, the "Returned #Rows" count may differ from the original count reported by QSDA.  This is because deconstruction processes the Expressions in "Straight" mode, whereas the visualization may use a different mode.  The calculation results are still useful.






QSDA Pro version 2.6.8