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What's New in V1.7.0





New and Changed Features


Previously, expressions with syntax errors were not parsed for Fields etc, as these expressions were considered "invalid".  Expressions with syntax errors will now be parsed as they may contain useful information about fields, measures and variables.

An API request for data from an unloaded analysis will automatically load the view on-demand. There is no longer any need to call /load first.

Direct QSDA API calls should now use the UI port (default 5003).  Use of the API Port (5000) is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.



The Control Panel Configuration has a new layout and new options.



HTTPS can now be enabled. You must provide and install your own SSL certificate.

If you are using the QSDA API directly and HTTPS is enabled in QSDA Configuration, you must use the UI port for API calls.

Credentials may be provided in the Proxy configuration used for license validation.

The API may now optionally be secured using Bearer authentication.






Analysis of SaaS apps incorrectly raised "Missing Extension" flag for Qlik bundled extensions.

Analysis export could fail with error when flag descriptions contained the backslash "\" character. This could be the case when a Measure name or label contained "\" and a flag was raised against that item.

Some startup logs were incorrectly created in the C:\ root directory.

Improved validation of CERTIFICATE connection in the Admin > Manage Connection > Test dialog.








QSDA Pro version 2.4.1