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What's New in V1.6.0





Upgrade Considerations


Required Microsoft Runtime is now Net6. Net6 will be automatically downloaded and installed from Microsoft during QSDA installation. If your machine is not connected to the Internet, download and install Net6 prior to the QSDA installation. See the Installing section for details.



Known Issues


Very large Collection exports fail when importing (Admin > Import Collection) with error "Error - End of Central Directory record could not be found". A resolution is being worked on. This is expected to impact very few, if any,  users. It will only impact customers using the export/import feature with very large collections.



New and Changed Features


Required Microsoft Runtime is now Net6.

New Connection Type, "QLIKLOGIN". The QLIKLOGIN connection uses the Qlik authentication method defined for the Qlik proxy. Each user will be required to login to Qlik and will see only the applications they are authorized to.



Remove license button added to the Admin -> License page.


Added support for offline license activation. Offline licenses are used for QSDA servers that have no Internet access. An offlline license key must be requested, per machine, via a support ticket.


Added Help -> Check for updates.


Added optional Admin Password in QSDA Configuration. If Admin Password is set, the password will be required to enter the following pages:


Admin > Manage Connection

Admin > License



New  button allows choosing display columns in resource pages.





Added "Bytes dropped" display to Drop Fields Script Generator.






Fix for progress bar sometimes not updating.

"Export Analysis to CSV" used incorrect "localhost" when QSDA is using hostname. Corrected to use hostname.









QSDA Pro version 2.1.0