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Manage Connection





Use the Manage Connection page to define a configure the connection to your Qlik Sense server. The currently supported connection types are:



CERTIFICATE: Connect to Qlik Sense for Windows using Certificate. This is the recommended method for QS for Windows. 

NTLM: Connect to Qlik Sense for Windows using Windows Userid and Password.

WINDOWS: Pass-through authentication. Connect to Qlik Sense for Windows using the Userid running the QSDA Server.

QCS: Qlik Cloud.


Applicable input fields will be shown dependent on the Connection Type.  Hover over the input label to show recommendation for the input.



After completing required parameters for the connection, the Test Connection button will become enabled.  Press the Test Connection button.



When the test is successful, the Save button will be enabled. Press the Save button to save the configuration.












QSDA Pro version 1.4.5