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Overview of the Analyze App List page



The top section lists Applications from the current server connection.  The bottom "Offline" section list Collections in your repository that are not associated with the current connection.



Blue badges  indicate a count of in-process collectors, or collectors that have been evicted from memory but are available in the QSDA repository.

Green badges  indicates Collectors in-memory and ready to be viewed.

Click button  to start a Collection for the selected app.  Uncheck  if you do not require chart calculation times during this run.  Turning off calctime can greatly speed up the collection process.

Click the  button open the Summary page for the collector/analysis. The  button is disabled until the collector status reaches the Ready status and 100% Progress.

  Load a collection from the QSDA repository and prepare it for Viewing.

 Permanently delete a collection from memory and the repository. This action cannot be undone.

 Unload this analysis to free up memory. The analysis can be loaded again later using the Load button.







QSDA Pro version 1.6.0