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What's New in V1.3.0





This is the first general release of QSDA Pro. There is no comparability for data collected in previous Alpha versions and limited compatibility with recent beta versions.



Upgrade Notes


Please uninstall any previous versions before installing this version.

Connection configurations from a previous beta installation will not carry forward.  The connection will need to be defined again.

If you wish to carry forward collections created in a beta version, please export the collection(s) and then import after installing this version.

The QSDA data directory is now c:\ProgramData\EasyQlik\QSDA.  Data directories left over from beta releases may be removed.


Known Issues

The "Suboptimal Numeric Storage" flag is sometimes set for fields that contain alphanumeric data. This is due to a problem in the Qlik metadata. The flag has been removed for now.

For QCS SaaS connections, default extensions will flag as missing.












QSDA Pro version 2.1.0