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Sorting and Filtering







Grid displays support sorting by clicking on a column heading. Clicking again will reverse the sort order. An arrow icon in the heading will indicate the sort column and direction.




There are three filtering options:


Column Filtering

Row Filtering

Page Filtering



Column Filtering


Column filtering can be accomplished by entering free form text in the column filter input box or using the column dropdown when provided.


Enter a value in the filter text box and press <Enter> to filter.  Filtering in text columns will be done with a "Contains" operation. To specify a "Starts With" operator, precede the string with "*", e.g. "*co".


Additional filters on the same page will be applied with "And" logic.







When a filter is in effect, the navigation ribbon will update to reflect counts associated with the filter. For example, a filter has been made on the Fields page and counts for Tables, Variables, etc are updated to show the counts associated with the filtered Fields.



Column Filters may only be applied to one page at a time. Creating a column filter on another page will replace all filters previously created on the initial page.



Clearing Column Filters


Filters may be cleared in one of several ways.


Press the  button on the Filter Bar.

For a dropdown filter, select "All" from the list.

Remove the text from a filter text box and press <Enter>.


Note that removing any one filter will clear all filters.  You cannot remove a filter singly.



Column Filter Modifiers


You may use a modifier in the filter to specify a filter operation type as shown in the table below.





Column Type



Equal (default)




Not Equall




Greater Than




Less Than




Greater Than or Equal




Less Than or Equal




Starts With




Ends With



The Modifier characters will always be treated as modifiers. There is no direct way to use these Modifier characters as actual search text. A workaround is use the Page Filter followed by Row Filter "Filter to Visible".


Row Filtering


Filtering by Row may be accomplished by right-clicking in the grid and choosing an option from the context menu.


Filter to Selected: Use the currently selected rows as filter criteria.  Selected status is indicated by shading.  You can selected multiple rows using Shift-click or Ctrl-click.

Filter to Visible: All currently visible rows on the page will be used as the filter criteria.  This is particularly useful when combined with the page Search function.






Page Filtering


Page Filtering is performed by typing text in the grid Search box and pressing <Enter>.  Search is performed in the content of all columns on the current page.


A Page Filter does not filter other pages.


Page Filters do not persist when leaving the page.





Clearing Page Filter


To clear a page filter, remove the text from the Search box and press <Enter>.










QSDA Pro version 2.6.8