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What's New in V2.4.0





New and Changed Features




The new connection property "Authorized Groups" may be used to limit use of the connection to authorized AD Groups. This property is only available if "QSDA Auth" is enabled in the QSDA Configuration.

The new connection properties "Applist Rule" and "Security Rule Environment" are used to select how Qlik security rules will be applied to building the App list.

When multiple connections are defined, users must select a connection in the Applist page. No default connection will be selected.



New Function


The "Expression Decoder" allows you to explore and navigate long and complex expressions.

Expression lengths are presented as an Expression Histogram providing insight into App complexity.

Data on the timing of App opening is captured when the Qlik Server version provides it. This data may be used to investigate the cause of slow App opening.

The default for New Analysis property "Collect Calctime" may now be set in the Control Panel > Configuration > Application Parameters.




User Interface Changes


A "Dark Mode" theme may be toggled on or off.

Long Expressions will be displayed truncated with a "..." indicator.

In menu Admin > Collector List, bulk operations for Delete and Unload are available after selecting multiple collections.

Starting a new analysis is now a two step process. You must first click the "Open" button which will fetch the bookmarks then enable the "New Analysis" button. This change was made to prevent the inadvertent opening of Apps when just clicking an App with no intention of starting an Analysis.





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