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What's New in V2.3.0





Upgrade Notes

If you are upgrading and have offline collections in your QSDA repository, please note that the new "Show Offline Collections" option (detailed below) changes how offline collections are show in the Applist. If you wish the display of offline collections to remain unchanged, you must check on "Show Offline Collections" in the Control Panel > Configuration.


New and Changed Features


New option to control the listing of offline and imported collections. In Control Panel > Configuration, the UI section contains two new options that control how offline collections are handled in the Applist.

"Show Imported Collections" will show only offline collections that were created using the Admin > Import function.

"Show Offline Collections" will show all collections found in the repository that do not match apps in the active connection.  Checking this option on will provide the pre 2.3 release behavior, all collections will be shown.

Unchecking both options means that only collections associated with apps in the active connection will be shown.


Display Qlik Username in Applist heading when using HEADER connection.


Parser support for Outer Sets syntax, introduced in Qlik Sense Aug 22 release.




Fix for Admin > Import collection error introduced in release 2.2.3.

Improved recovery from timeout errors.

Capture Longitude and Latitude expressions in Map chart.

When using QLIKLOGIN connection, some customers were seeing apps in the Applist that the same userid would not see in the Qlik Sense Hub.







QSDA Pro version 2.6.8