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What's New in V2.0.3





V2.0.3  is the first public release of QSDA Pro Version 2


Upgrade Notes


In some cases, an existing connection from v1.x may not migrate and the connection will have to be redefined. It is recommend to take a screenshot of your connection settings before upgrading.


If you are using a QLIKLOGIN connection, a new qsdalogin file "qsdalogin-v2.0.html", must be uploaded to the content library. More.



Downgrading from v2.x to v1.7.x


If you need to downgrade from version 2.x to 1.x, you should follow these steps.

1.Un-install v2.x.

2.Delete file "C:\ProgramData\EasyQlik\QSDA\connections\ServerConnection.json".

3.Install v1.7.



New and Changed Features


You can now define and manage multiple connections on the Admin > Connections page.

At the top of the Analyze page, users may switch between defined connections using a dropdown.

The Test procedure for the QLIKLOGIN connection type has been updated to be more through and deliver useful error messages.

The internal flow for QLIKLOGIN has been simplified and should be more reliable for users.

New HEADER connection type.

The Control Panel Configuration dialog has been redesigned using accordion sections.

You may optionally authorize users to QSDA using Windows security groups. The QSDA Auth feature is only available when a valid Enterprise license is active.  The "Admin Password" option is always available regardless of license status.

You may set limits on how many collections will run concurrently.

Fieldnames used in strings in expressions will be detected as in use. e.g. "Sum(if(vMetric = 1, 'Sum(Sales)', 'Sum(Margin)'))" -- both "Sales" and "Margin" will be recorded as field references.



Known Issues


Section Access reduction fields are not detected as a field in use. Consequently, a field may appear in the Drop Fields list if it's only use is as a reduction field.

App property "Has Section Access" is false even when Section Access is configured in the app. This is a Qlik Server issue that exists in QSE versions prior to May 2022. This works correctly in Qlik SaaS (Cloud)



Fixes since V1.7.8


Fixed error occasionally seen at Analysis completion "A second operation was started on this context instance before a previous operation completed".







QSDA Pro version 2.6.8