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Understanding Unused Fields





One of the primary uses for QSDA Pro is identifying unused fields in an app data model. These fields can then be dropped from the model, saving server resources and typlically improving performance.


While the QSDA field usage analysis attempts to be comprehensive, there may be occasions where a required field is reported by QSDA as unused. It is your responsibility to review the Drop Fields list before blindly pasting it in your script.


Here are the known conditions where is field is used in the app, but the usage cannot be detected by QSDA Pro.


Section Access reduction fields.

Fieldnames or Expressions that are stored as field values in another "Dim" field, where the Dim field is used to dynamically populate Dimensions or Expressions at runtime. QSDA does not examine field values.

If a Measure and Field share the same name, there can be ambiguity as to whether a reference is to the Measure or the Field.





QSDA Pro version 2.1.0